Webinar (for schools and districts)

Email us at pd@heggerty.org for pricing

Our webinar training for schools and districts will focus on the published phonemic awareness curriculum written by Dr. Michael Heggerty. This training provides a concise explanation defining phonemic awareness, why it is important, and participants are provided with a brief explanation of the skills that are included in each lesson. Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions both before and during the webinar, which the presenter will pause to answer openly at various points throughout the training.

This training is intended for schools and districts. Many schools and school districts find it helpful to provide teachers and staff with professional development in the curriculum in order to provide common language around the lessons, fidelity of implementation with the phonemic awareness skills, and consistency of instruction among classrooms. A deeper understanding of the curriculum helps teachers to see the importance of implementing phonemic awareness instruction into their literacy lessons.

One of our skilled and knowledgeable consultants will work with you to schedule a time that is suitable for your school's/district's professional development schedule. We will also work with you to consider needs specific to your school/district during the training. We will utilize Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar for the training. The training will last 60-90 minutes. For more information on scheduling and pricing, please email us at pd@heggerty.org.