Pre-Kindergarten Conciencia Fonémica Curriculum - Spanish 2020 Edition


The Conciencia fonémica Pre-Kindergarten curriculum (orange book) is intended for 3 and 4 year old native Spanish speaking students, and it can also be used with English speaking students in dual language settings. This version of the Conciencia fonémica curriculum focuses entirely on syllables, while exposing the students to the essential phonemic awareness skills with basic two-syllable words. Similar to the English Pre-Kindergarten curriculum, this version also teaches the students a variety of Nursery Rhymes that are common in various Spanish speaking cultures. The revised 2020 Edition of the Spanish Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum includes increased complexity of words and tasks for multiple skills, a reorganization of the sequencing of skills within the 35 weeks, a reordering of lesson sequencing to allow for an easier transition into phonics instruction, and refined teacher modeling and support instructions.